order     chaos
purpose     randomness
articulation     incoherence
organic     mechanic
grandiloquence     minimalism
Welcome to STAMMER. STAMMER is the name I chose for my projects of music and image some ten years ago. The word STAMMER reflects quite well the nature and intention of my compositions. In normal life a person starts to stammer when they are overcome by emotion and they can't find the words. They start to repeat and to make inarticulate sounds. They lose the cerebral control over their voice organs and it seems as if the mechanisms of speech start their own life. Nevertheless the emotion expressed by a stammering voice can be much more intensive then a normal, articulate voice.

So the major source of my inspiration is the fascination for things that happen almost randomly, fortuitous, without intention or purpose while at the same time provoking and suggesting a strong emotion. A recently painted door is full of intention and utility but for me it really becomes interesting when weather and time start to play their random game on the paint and an infinite number of details are opening up. A violin playing a melody, accompanied by a complete orchestra can sound beautiful, but the sound of the violin is completely subordinate to melody and harmony. My interest would grow if not the melody but the pure sound of the instrument, liberated from melody and other strict controls, would provoke the emotion.

Strangely enough in the visual arts abstraction and spontaneity have a much longer and accepted tradition. Mondriaan in the 1920s went back to pure form and pure colour and is widely known and appreciated. Jackson Pollock introduced 'action' painting 40 years ago and can now almost be considered classical. Why this acceptance hasn't occurred in music is really hard to understand.

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