April  2019 -  New tracks are being gathered here: Cooperativa Electronica.

cd album Organ CoilJanuary  2019 -  The new album Organ Coil is ready for shipping and flying.






December 2018 -  The HTML code of most of the Music and Photography pages had to be completely revamped to meet the modern standards of webbrowsing. Most presentation problems will now have been solved, but please notify me of any issues that might still be present.

December 2018 -  It´s threatening, but starts with the falling of just a few drops. Have a listen here: Tormenta.

December 2018 -  Two photography galleries added: Water front offers somes impressions of the coast of Brighton, England
and Zen Set is the result of an unexptected visit to the Bonsai Garden in Alcobendas, Spain in late autumn in the late afternoon after a shower of rain.





November 2018 - Cuculiform, that is belonging to the order of cuckoos and roadrunners :-)
Listen for yourself.

November 2018 -  This will be the closing track of the upcoming album: Panta Rhei. What started as an intention to make a peaceful, quiet ending, became a swollen river, getting wider and wilder.  

October 2018 -  These new tracks will be bouncing, meandering and flowing on the next album:
In the Eye (of the Storm),  Speelbal and Wandering.

September 2018 -  The unreleased material of the previous years has been compiled in the album Symphony in T3.


New material is being gathered for the next release Organ Coil. Go to the dedicated music pages for a listen.


August 2018 - Nature Switched On again! The story of the Nature Switched On project continues in the form of a bilingual Wordpress weblog. Taking advantage of the experience of the first dozen years (which are archived here), the articles will be more specific and in-depth. Slide presentatio

The former slide presentation can still be found here.







2018 - Making use of the stabilizing capabilities of a (non-flying-) drone camera ánd the abundant vegetation after the heavy rainfalls in spring, we produced a trio of lyrical video clips on and around the terrain. They can be watched here.



2018 - Life Stream, a new video made with a drone is added to gallery 99.


Images with the drone can be found in gallery 23.
The first 10 images were taken above the  terrain of the Nature Switched On project.



March 2018 - New sound tracks: Maelstrom, Amok and Intertwine.





February 2018 - A new gallery with photographs of the architecture of Tel Aviv, Israel. The seaside White City is famous for its large collection of Bauhaus treasures from the 1930s.






July 2017 - The presentation pages of the 'Nature Switched On'  ("La Naturaleza Activada") project  have been completely revamped. The accent will gradually shift from chronologically blogging to a description of the experience of 10 years building and managing.




May 2017 - As a result of an inspiring trip during the holy week to the south of Spain, more than 50 photographs were added, especially to the galleries 7 masquerade and 17 constructing ruins.




March 2017 - According to an article in the Heraldo de Aragon, the house of my proyect is considered as one of the most original ones in Aragon.

February 2017 - On 13th of February I gave a talk, in English, in the Official Language School of Sabiñanigo, Huesca (Spain). A transcript of the talkshow can be read here. It gives a brief overview of most of my activities on the project Nature Switched On over the last 10 years.


January 2017 - I wrote an article, in Spanish, for the weblog of my village commenting on the different aspects and activities of the project La Naturaleza Activada over the last 10 years. It can be read here.



November 2016 - Two pages added to gallery 1 waterworks




August 2016 - Little by little the music of Stammer is uploaded to mayor distribution sites like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play. By the end of this month almost all of my music can be listened, bought and downloaded there as well as at other distributors (24-7, 7Digital, Deezer, eMusic, Groove, KKBox, MediaNet, Tidal and  VerveLife).


July 2016 -  Almost 50 photographs were added to galleries 5, 9, 10 and 18 and, as usual,to the ongoing proyect of Nature Switched On in gallery 13.



November 2015 -  New gallery 21 up and down town, with images from our latest trip to New York, USA.




November 2015 -  After a brief and unsatisfactory hosting on Facebook, the weblog on the project 'Nature Switched On' can again be followed on the dedicated pages of this website.



September 2015 -  In gallery 1 waterworks I added twenty-four new images taken from the Arguis and Mediano water dams in Aragon, Spain,




June 2015 -  New gallery 20 last dance, with photographs of abandoned discotheques in the province of Barcelona, Spain.





May 2015 -  New gallery Azilal, with photographs from a recent visit to the province of Azilal  in Morocco.





Noviembre 2013 - During the conference 11ª JORNADAS TÉCNICAS DE ARQUITECTURA TRADICIONAL Y BIOCONSTRUCCIÓN in Graus, Spain I presented a talk on the Nature Switched On proyect. The entire text and images can be seen here and give a nice summary of the last 7 years (in Spanish).


September 2013 - New YouTube videoclip, filmed from the backseat of the VW Transporter III.


June 2013 -  New YouTube video, filmed on location in the zone.

June 2013 -  Added the soundtrack Possess Me Not from the album Disthing to the video sequence featuring photography of an abandoned industrial site in Asturias, Spain.

April 2013 -  Stammer is now decently presented on the omnipresent acebook. Background information, imagery and philosophy in three languages: English, Spanish and Dutch.

February 2013 - OASE, the Dutch magazine dedicated to wild gardening and nature education, published a sequel to my first article.

January 2013 - The harvest of our latest trips to Leon, Asturias, the Pyrenees and Barcelona has been rich: have a look at the new photographs especially in galleries 3 (silent space), 9 (the Spanish land), 11 (enduring bodies) and 17 (constructing ruins).



September 2012 - The Nature Switched On pages (and their Spanish equivalents de La Naturaleza Acitivada) are going to be presented in a new design: a gallery with bigger, high quality photos and the corresponding adjoining comments in English and Spanish.

September 2012 - With a new camera  and new software I decided to start a complete overhaul of the photography galleries. The first renovations are on line: gallery 3 silent space and gallery 10 powerhouse revisited. Little by little other galleries will be updated as well.
Because of all these activities (and the trips with the Volkswagen) the Nature Switched On project is somewhat halted but will be shortly resumed .

Augustus 2012 - Stammer aired on the Dutch radio station Concertzender with the track Steam.

May 2012 - As a result of our foto-safaris with our VW T3, almost 40 new photographs, especially in galleries 3 and 10.

January 2012 - In a bout of inspiration, a couple of tracks were added and can be listened to on the page with new music.

December 2011 - The photography galleries enjoyed a mayor upgrade with the addition of many new photos and the improvement of older ones. There are two brand new galleries: gallery 17 concrete brick and gallery 18 house.
'Concrete brick'
contains photos that others might categorize under the title 'Urbex' (Urban Exploring). Interesting Urbex photography can also be found in gallery 10 powerhouse revisited. Last November we visited this abandoned power station for a second time and were again overwhelmed by the charm and the magic of the scenery. A new inspired collection of images was the result and probably as well the new music I composed under the title Wild, with a somewhat arcadian character.


October 2011 - New music works in the unreleased section. Little by little I am digging deeper into mastering and post-production techniques, the results of which can be appreciated in the new tracks but I am also working on the older works, whose remastered versions will be indicated by superscript numbers, e.g. Yellow Bird²

May 2011 - After a lot of photo and music making, at some moment an interplay between the two had to occur and this has finally happened in the form of some video presentations, hosted by the omnipresent YouTube. I think the relation between the music and photographs in the sequences is really synergetic, but be warned that the pace is slow.

April 2011 - At an 'Almodovar' party I took some photos with a simple camera without flashlight and the results are a bit grimy but so was the party.


March 2011 - I am proud to announce the appearance of Stammer's 5th music album Water Works. Ten tracks circle around the workings of this mysterious fluid. Have a listen here.


March 2011 - New photos added from the ex-Expo in Zaragoza.


February 2010 - A flattering review of Stammer's music was recently posted on Believe the hype"absolutely enchanting fusion of jazz and IDM, the very industrial and moody kind. Imagine an old, rusty, forgotten industrial town, a town that’s slowly being taken over by nature – that’s what Stammer’s music sounds like"

January 2009 - Due to a change of host, I had to upload again my complete website. This will probably cause some minor temporal disfunctions in some places for which I apologise. I took advantage of the reload to improve the quality of the mp3 music on this site, doubling the sampling rate from 128 to 256 kbit/s.

June 2008 - Photographic impressions of the World Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain in  gallery 16.


May 2008 - New series of photographs of the La Sotonera dam,
Huesca, Spain in gallery 1 waterworks.


April 2008 - The Nature Switched On project featured in the Dutch magazine Oase. You can read the article (in Dutch) here.


October 2007 - Not really news but something I forgot to mention before:   offers very friendly listening and downloading possibilities of all kinds of music. For almost a year now, the music of STAMMER is available there for free download and in a relatively good sound quality (192kbps Mp3). Recent listeners tagged STAMMER with: ambient  avantgarde   film music   free jazz   minimalist musique concrete    psychodelic    serendipity    soundscape.
Go and have a listen here: http://www.last.fm/music/Stammer/+albums

The project in the Pyrenees continues and is entering its second year now. Have a look at the latest developments here (English) or aqui (Spanish).

September 2007 - New series of photographs of the Barasona dam, Huesca, Spain in gallery 1 waterworks.


August 2007 - New gallery 14 with photographs of Le Roy's Ecocathedral in the north of the Netherlands.


August 2007 - A new series of photographs of a building site in Amsterdam. Have a look in gallery 12 plastic.


April 2007 - New gallery 13 with all the photographs of the weblog of the project Nature Switched On.


January 2007 - Completely new space dedicated to our terrain in the Spanish Pyrenees. Have a look here: Nature Switched On (or the Spanish version: La Naturaleza Activada) Updated on 1 August 2007.

May 2006 - New photos in gallery 1 waterworks, gallery 3 space, gallery 5 stone and gallery 9 land.


January 2006 - Two new tracks added, Waterworks and Wet Weather. Download or listen here: Unreleased.

November 2005 - Brand new gallery 12 plastic:


Also new photos in several galleries, especially gallery 5 stone:



Two new music tracks in the section Unreleased: Walking on Ice and Ocean

October 2005 - Photo-galleries improved and amplified. Introduced a comfortable on-line order system for prints and audio CDs.


September 2005 - Photo-galleries updated and improved. New photographs in gallery 5 stone:


and gallery 9 land


July 2005 - New track in the section Unreleased: Yellow Bird.

I changed the presentation of the photogalleries overview and added new photographs in gallery 5 stone.

The complete four Stammer albums can now be downloaded from the Internet Archive. The sound quality (128kbps) is not great. Better use iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or Google Play.

June 2005 - New gallery: 11 sabinar: photographs of very old 'sabinas' (Juniperus thurifera) in Olalla, Teruel, Spain.



May 2005 - New album: The Zone. Heavenly influenced by people and places, it can be considered as the soundtrack for a non-existing film. Go and have a listen here.

March 2005 - You are looking at a brand new NEWS page.  Also new photographs in gallery 01 waterworks