'Cooperativa Electronica' is the provisional title
of Stammer's next album. Tracks will be added on the run and in due time released on the common online platforms.
See below and stay tuned.

1. Cooperative Electronica   5:44

Fitting a deranged cello into the fold.
2. Metaphysically Erased  4:18
Setting sail into space.

3. Fratsen  5:11
Windswept electrons.
4. Resonancia Paramagn√©tica   7:05
Meditatively spinning around.
5. Wavering Particles   6:29
Is it flowing or blocking?
6. Formant Pulse   5:43
Virtual string  instruments based on pulse forming synthesis
7. Phonoelectric Effect   4:27
Threatening brass accompanies unstable strings.
8. In Orbit Effect   7:16
Electric hammers circling around a tonewheel nucleus.

All instruments (synthesizers) played by S T A M M E R.
Musi composed and produced by S T A M M E R.
© Unpublished 2019 Stammer. All Rights Reserved. Not for commercial use.